May 6, 2010

Hello, creativity where are you?? Are you still on holidays......

Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of cards this week, I've been working on a few different things and preparing for my Mother's Day class tomorrow night. So with the lack of cards and playtime at my craft desk this week, I thought I'd show you some of my photos from Cairns....

A pool at The Lakes Resort - that spec in between the 2 waterfountains is me! This pool area was big and we had it all to ourselves - a benefit of travelling outside of peak season.

Mirra Mirra Falls - A beautiful natural waterfall... I can't remember the height but it was amazing and you could have a swim here if you were game. I didn't have my bathers or a towel so I declined the offer, well, that and it was freezing cold water and not a particularly warm day!!! There was however another tourist swimming and I only hope that he had a hot thermos waiting in his car! He was blue!

Lake Barrine - this is a lake formed inside a volcano crater - its beautiful and very very deep! But full of so many birds and turtles... and the eels and pythons... We went on a 40minute cruise on the Lake and it was so beautiful!

One of many Pythons around Lake Barrine

A wild Tree Kanagroo

The Curtain Fig Tree (well part of it... I couldn't get the whole tree into 1 pic!)

The Tree and Me. Even in this pic my hubby couldn't get all of the tree in! It was so huge and those are the roots for the fig tree hanging down to make the 'wall' behind me.

A cute little Ringtail Possum all curled up high in a tree right near the carpark.

One of many lillies we saw...

Now, I'm not going to tell you where this photo is, other than its still in Cairns, as I brought my ESAD secret sister a present home from here.... Sssshhh!  This place was absolutely the highlight of the day trip we went on! This place was full of so much history and it just is soo amazing that the Spaniard who built this place did most of it by himself, and with his hands! No machinery! He also had one of the first places in QLD to have electricity (hydro from the waterfall I'm standing over) and all that water also provided him with the first flushing toilet in QLD. Its just so incredible to see things and how many things we take for granted in today's society. And what gave everyone a laugh was that he ran this place as a R&R location for the Aussies and US troops during the war and charged the US troops double or triple what he charged any locals. If this man was alive in today's world he would be a billionaire (or more!) - he was so inventive and could see so many ways and opportunities to make money.

Well, that's it from me tonight.

Thanks for looking,


  1. LOL those falls are freezing anytime of the year! hard to believe in the weather up there:) I'm glad you got to see the tree and Lake Barrine, did you see Lake Eacham as well?? Have to tell you a story about both of those! Great Pics!

  2. ahhh I know where that is and knew the owners at one stage!!LOL talk about bringing back memories Richelle!!


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