May 12, 2010

Wow - Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi Everyone,

Last week, my sideline Andrea awarded me the Beautiful Blogger.... Thank you Andrea!!!!!

Now I've been racking my brains to think of 10 people that haven't already received this award and so far haven't had much luck. This award is spreading like wildfire through all my fellow SU! Demos!

So I thought I'd better take part in the other half of the award and that is to tell people 10 things about myself, so here goes:
  1. I'm happily married stay at home mum with 2 daughters - 3yo and 20mths (but we don't really spend that much time at home!)
  2. I'm addicted to NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles - love a good crime show!!!
  3. I'm quite the Nanna and love a nanna nap, a nanna rug over my knees (like last night when updating my blog with all my JAI entries - see previous 3 posts) and I also want to learn how to knit!
  4. I'm taking part in the ESAD Unconvention (for any SU! demo who can't make it to the actually Stampin' Up! Convention in a couple of weeks).
  5. I have only had 3 employees ever- check-out chick @ Kmart, Medical Receptionist, and then Receptionist turned Assisant Office Manager at my last job.
  6. I have a black and white cat - May, a black and white dog - Zac and several goldfish including my 2 mutants in the pond outside - I don't know how they survived the pond drying out a couple of summers ago!!!!! Very FREAKY to make a shadow over a fish laying on its side and it flipped over!!!!!
  7. I embrace manyof the traits of being a Gemini (and many would say I embrace being born in the year of the dog too!!).
  8. I'm sticking fairly well to several of my New Years' resolutions... Regular blogging was one.... Many others have been lost along the way...
  9. I'm a shocking one for making lists and attempting to do just about everything..... else that's not on the list!!!
  10. I love facebook and totally admit to being addicted to farmville!!! I've banned myself from lots of other games so I don't totally abandon my family!
Well, I'm going to keep thinking and looking to find 10 other bloggers to pass this award onto, but I thought I'd better at least do half of it.... Did you know that it's a Gemini trait to start something and move onto the the next thing before the 1st is completed.... mmmm a Gemini definately lives at my house!!

Oh, can I add one more thing? I'm getting a BIGSHOT soon!!!!! Just a couple more weeks to wait as my mum and I are going to share it and we are ordering it at her next SU! workshop!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!

Thanks for looking,

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