Jan 7, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Hi Everyone,

I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely and super talented Gardenia Pepworth! It means a lot to me as I really, really admire Gardenia's work and love our little online chats!!

Now the idea of this award is to:
  • Thank the person that sent it to me
  • Tell you 8 things about myself
  • And lastly nominate 8 other stylish bloggers and let them know about the award.
So, I done the first step, now onto the rest... 8 things about myself...
1. I'm going to challenge myself again this year to learn more new techniques and participate in more card making challenges this year!
2. Wonders how my 4 and 2 year old girls can be so bossy!
3. I really want to build up my Stampin' Up! business this year, with more classes/workshops and maybe more craft fairs/markets
4. Malteasers are my all time fav chocolate!
5. Has a bit of a fetish for new stationery items!
6. Has watched all 3 Tinkerbell movies several times since my girls received them for Christmas - Love the way the fairies are 'born'!!
7. Would love to be able to 'tinker' like Tinkerbell! Might make the housework a bit more fun :P
8. I'm going to use my diary more this year to remember things! I even decorated one which I'll show you soon!!

Ok, now I need to pass the award onto some other bloggers: (this is a bit tricky!!)
1. Firstly, I'm sending it back to Gardenia - because I really want you to check out her work!
2. Amanda Reddicliffe is another super talented WA Stampin' Up! demo, who co-hosts the Just Add Ink Challenges
3. Andrea Lowcock because and I luv her work and she's always leaving comments for me on ESAD
4. Another ESAD and facebook buddy Tanya Kitto
5. Sherylee Tutt, I just discovered this one today!
6. Fiona Platzer
7. Susan Joyce
8. Clare McIlhatton

Phew, that took me a while! I think some ppl on this list may have already received the award, but I tried to pick some newbies!! :)

Thanks for looking,


  1. oh wow thanks so much for this award. i have been away in nz for a while visiting family so only noticed it now. i am quite chuffed that you think that much of me....now off to spread the love! cheers ears!


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