Feb 4, 2011

4 years ago, I started on a journey....

Hi all,

Four years ago I started on a journey with Stampin' Up! For those that don't know, or are new to my blog, I joined SU in 2007 whilst on maternity leave after having my first daughter.

Since leaving school, I'd looked at a few different options/hobbies to do something a bit extra with myself and found Stampin' Up via Lee-Anne. I was hooked! I loved the idea of combining my passion for crafting, with something to earn a little extra cash along the way.

I'm proud to say that I'm still a Stampin' Up! demo and I'm still loving it!! My goal this year is to build my little business and develop some new friends through it. And I'd love to have my own team of demos too! (hint hint anyone? lol)

Now to celebrate my anniversary, I've compiled a little flyer (I got this flyer idea from another demo Monique) and it's a great starting point for anyone looking at starting stamping or wanting to update their crafting stash. So if you click on this image, you can see what's on offer:

{Please click on the document to enlarge}

If you have any queries, please contact me.

Thanks for looking,

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