Apr 11, 2011

Under renovations

Hi Everyone,

No, I haven't disappeared, though it was a threat over the weekend with all the changes we are making around our house. Furniture is being moved left, right and centre! All for the best we hope!! With the biggest change being the removal of tv in the family room! This could be very ummm shall we say interesting. It's an effort to cut down tv time for all of our family and increase the quality time we spend together as a family. As a bonus, it means the loungeroom has been changed into our home office and the spare room will return to being a spare room (well once all the junk that we've dumped there has been sorted and tidied.. I'll take some pics and show off the new setup when it's ready :)

Anyway, I will be back later in the week to show off some goodies I'm making for The Glades Markets in Byford this Saturday night.

Thanks for looking,

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