Jun 6, 2011

Ummm not quite a men's card is it?

Hi All,

My aim this long wkend was to make a stash of men's cards and prep for my upcoming class on Friday night....

Well, I made it to the craft room, tidied up some bits and pieces and made a card. But somehow I don't think this is really going to suit any of the men or boys that I know...

What do you reckon lol!!?

And here's couple of pics of my new crafting space, just excuse the stuff that's still sitting on my desk...

All the current stamps are up the top, knick knacks on the next shelf, then cardstock,  next is retired stamps and lastly samples, swaps I've received (in the boxes) and some notepads waiting to be decorated

My BigShot has it's own special space!

Well, gotta go before my kidlets (and hubby) destroy the house, they are all very tired today!

Thanks for looking,

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  1. I love the softness of the colours on this card and your craft space is so tidy...I was looking for something in mine last night and kept coming across heaps of things I have bought to do...must get in and finish some of them!


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