Aug 4, 2011

Lost my mojo last week, here's the proof...

Hi Everyone,

Last week I came to the conclusion that my card making and crafting mojo had gone somewhere warm for the winter! See what I mean:

This card took me so long to do! I just didn't know where to go with it.... Ahh well, it happens....

Then late one night over the wkend, I was determined to create something with a bit of a wow factor..... And break into my brand new roll of "Chantilly Crochet Trim".... So out came a blank notebook and this is what I made just before midnight hit on Sat night....

A5 sized blank notebook - a bit bigger than most of the notebooks I  decorate 

Oh and the other reason for the lack of blogging apart from the lack of my mojo... last week we ran out of decent speed internet usage - we have discovered the cause though - the ipad updates chew up A LOT of our download allowance! How rude of this modern thing-a-me-bob!! :P

Thanks for looking,

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