Aug 26, 2011

Where did that week go?

Hi Everyone,

Somewhere in the last 3 weeks, I lost a week... Who knows where it went? I only know that all this week the dates I've been thinking in my head are not what the calendar says!

Anyhoo, it's gone and I guess its pretty safe to assume it's not coming back... ever..... what a bummer!

Last weekend I had a few of these chocolate sliders on my market stall and remembered to take a picture of 4 of them.. One has non-Stampin' Up! paper on it but don't tell anyone mmmk ;)
But all the cardstock is from Stampin' Up!

The latest retiring list can also be found here, and some items have sold out! If you would like to order anything, please place your order as soon as possible as these items are only available whilst stocks last or until 31st August.

Well, I'm off to tidy the craft room before what I hope will be a big weekend of crafting! 

Thanks for looking,

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