Dec 19, 2011

The Glades Nov & December & Craft Thyme

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm sharing some pics from the Glades Markets from November and December and also a couple of pics from Craft Thyme.

The Glades in November

2 tubs of notepads made a great weight to stop the seabreeze blowing my stand over!

The "Other" Side of my stall - it was a bit different having 2 frontages!
Craft Thyme - Some of Andrea's goodies

Some of my goodies and a box of retired stamps of Andrea's

Andrea manning the stall - wish I'd come back to see everything gone lol :)
Craft Thyme is great as it's indoors!! We loved being inside the main hall, last time (June) we were located in the large foyer area which was a bit chilly but it did mean people walked past our stall on their way in and out. This time, the excitement for the day was providing by an evacuation of the South Perth Community Centre - the smoke alarms had been set off!! eek! Luckily we were all allowed back in about 20mins later to continue our day.

The Glades in December - almost forgot to take these pics!

And the rest of my goodies inc the plane my FIL made (which still needs a home)

And a few new Owls Magnets 

Thanks to all those involved arranging each event, esp Tammy and Mandi!!! I hope to continue having a stall at each of these events in 2012!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!

Thanks for looking,

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  1. WOW - fantastic photo's! You must be doing so well! Go girl!


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