Jan 20, 2012

Kid's Holiday Class - January

Hi Everyone,

Last week I ran a very successful Kid's Holiday Class at the local Family Centre.

Here's what all the kids made:

They were able to choose a different colour as their stripe across the card and box, but the main parts were kept the same (mainly to make it easier for me to teach them all!)

A big "Thank you" to Simone & Irene for your help on the day and of course a really big "Well done" to all the kids ageing from 3-10years who took part - you guys did a fab job!!!

I have been running a Kid's class on each of the last 3 holiday periods and really enjoy teaching the kids! They are so eager to learn and yet aren't afraid to try something on their cards that they think will work. Results are interesting sometimes, but the sheer joy the kids show is so worth that crooked line or stamp!

If you have a crafty minded son or daughter, why not try one of my Kid's Classes or better yet, talk to me about arranging a class at your next child's birthday party!

Thanks for looking,

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