Oct 24, 2012

Recent projects...

Hi Everyone,

Well it was back to school for my girls last week and you'd think that would give me a chnace to catch up on some blogging and show you what I've been up to.... Mmmm well it hasn't quite happened like that but I'm making up for it tonight with this post and then a few scheduled posts over the next few days.

So, I've been teaching my classes and getting my stock ready for the start of market season... Here's a few cards that I've made recently:

I've been meaning to try these "lacy frills' for ages and had some strips of bright coloured card stock so I did it. My hint is to actually have longer strips of card stock than what you need, it sure makes it easier to line up the pattern of the punch!! Trust me on this! I did have a couple of tries before figuring this out! lol :)

The "grover" card was made from one of many sesame st characters I have ready in a box, I'm slowly working my way through them all - I have no idea why I was sooooo keen on making grover, cookie monster, oscar and big bird faces but hey they are cute and always great for the little kids.

Please keep checking back in to see updates from recent classes and some more market goodies :)

Thanks for looking,
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