Jul 4, 2010

3rd and final Secret Sister Gift Received

Hi all,

May was the last month to send the ESAD Secret Sister gift... And we found out who had been sending us all the happy mail for the past 3 months!! Now like a lot of us, Fiona and I were both late posting our gifts to our Secret Sisters, and then I've taken a while to actually edit and post the photos of my gifts!

This is my final gift & card:

A close up of the card

And the contents of the gift box (from the back right corner)
My girls were super excited as the items with "C" and "E" on them were a tube of mini m&m's each! Plus they also received a parcel each from my mum who's been in England on holiday since May. And the other parcel with the "R" was a pack of malteasers - one of my absolute fav choccies!!

And my Secret Sister was Fiona Platzer... Here's a link to her blog, she makes some wonderful things so go have a looksie when you can!

Thanks for looking,

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