Oct 13, 2010

JAI #38 - Second Entry

Hi All,

I hope you didn't fall off your chair to see me with another post so quickly.... lol :)

Anyway, I saw Gardenia Pepworth's cheeky card the other day and she challenged me (via facebook) to make one too... Make sure you pop by her blog sometime - there's loads of inspiration there!

So here's my attempt:

And seeing as its matched the "add pink and bling" criteria, I've entered it into the Just Add Ink Wk #38 Challenge

Right, that's it from me today :)

Thanks for looking,


  1. LOL gorgeous Richelle. Love the ribbon what a great effect. ....very cheeky!
    Thanks for playing with JAI

  2. Very cute! Love the ruffle edging! I'm gonna have to make me one of thse too I think!!!

  3. Very cheeky indeed! ... but cute! Love the bow in the middle with the 'bling'.

  4. Oooh! That ruffled ribbon looks fabulous! Love it!

  5. Giggle ... I'm not game to make one of these!!! But ... yours is very pretty. (Love Gardenia's too!) Both challenge cards are gorgeous! Thanks for taking the time to say hi on my blog! I love getting comments! Hugs xxaxx


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