Dec 29, 2010

Special Order for a Friend

Hi Everyone,

Wow! Time is simply flying at the moment - the kids and hubby are on hols and even though the girls are only 2.5 and 4yrs old, holidays is making a big difference to our day to day lives. Normally we would have been doing kindy runs and a morning at playgroup, but none of that this week!

Now you'd think that would give me a lot of extra time for stamping but it's not! :(
Hubby is also home so we're supposedly doing extra jobs around the house that we don't always get done - extra gardening and I started to put up the new trampoline but messed it up a bit (ooops we won't go into that now!!) However, in reality, not much is actually being done, we've all fallen into the afternoon siesta pattern a little too easily especially in this real dose of summer we are having here in Perth!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a special order box for one of my longtime friend's to give as a birthday present. There's a co-ordinating card too!!

Ok, enough from me, I'm attempting to get the kids into bed early to enjoy some time by myself as my hubby has gone out fishing tonight. Fingers crosssed I can do some stamping!

Thanks for looking,

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  1. Marie-Louise Earle-SadlerDecember 29, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Richelle - your creations are beautiful as always - a busy mum and a crafty lady - well done and enjoy the holidays. Hugs <3


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