Jan 18, 2011

A Robot... and it's Pink!

Hi Everyone,

Today I've pieced together a monochrome card for the Just Add Ink's challenge this week....

As Miss 2 stated "Robot" and knew what colour "Pink" when she saw the card, I think I managed to fit the theme. Ahh yes, monosyllables too, it's like her own version JAI's theme lol :)

So here's my card:

Short and simply post from me today... I've got another card to show you, so hopefully (children willing) I will be back later today to show you :)

Thanks for looking,


  1. Very cute!!! There should be more pink robots around!

  2. How fun!!! I never would have actually thought to make the robot pink! It looks super great!!!
    Well done!
    SMiles SHarnee :)


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