Jul 12, 2011

Testing out the owl punch

Hi Everyone,

I was going to entertain (maybe bore would be a better description) you with a run down of the last few days have been like here,  but maybe I'll summarise it for you:
Saturday = Craft Thyme - cold but very successful! Andrea and I had a fab day and met some wonderful people! But it was really cold!!!
Sunday = sleep in!!! till 10.15!!!! WOW!! bit of sunshine
Monday = 1st day of school hols for us in WA.... wet and cold!!... housework :(
Tuesday = day with Mum and took the girls to see about 10 piglets and 5 kangaroos that some long long long time family friends have at their place at the moment... The piglets were so funny running around playing, and snuffling for whatever they were looking for in the dirt - apparently earthworms are tasty...

Onto the real reason why you visit my blog... This is a birthday card I made last week and I'm fairly sure it was one of the first cards to find a new home.... 

Not bad for only using 1 stamp hey!! I also tracked some some thin cork to use in my owl punch... I made a stack of little owls all dressed up and at the moment, they have no place to go.... Watch out for them over the coming week :)

I also want to mention a charity auction one of my friends is arranging... Please check out the Bears of Hope Charity Auction - In Memory of Ruby x being co-ordinated by Pretty Little Things. I've donated a notebook and will be adding a few more by the wkend.

Well, that's it from me tonight here, I'm going to move one sleeping bub into her bed from the floor and the other from my bed into her own bed.... We are having fun and games with sleeping again at the moment (if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to add them into your comment & let me know!).

Thanks for looking,

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