Jan 28, 2012

Tutorial #1 - Taking Photos for Your Blog or Facebook Page

Hi Everyone,

Something a little different for you today, I'm going to write up a few tutorials this year for different things and i thought I'd start with taking photos for your blog or facebook page.

This is one of my first photos uploaded to my blog way back in July 2007.

Here's another:
See I didn't even know how or think about turning my pics around the right way!

Ahhh how things have changed! These are some recent pics:

Ok so here's my Tips!!

  1. Use natural light and turn off your camera flash! The flash often distorts the true colour of your cardstock, ribbon etc. However, you don't want direct sunlight on your subject either. I have worked out a spot near my front door (when open) provides the right amount of light without being "glarey" and I don't need to use the flash - it's set to 'forced off'.
  2. I prefer a neutral background - my current favourite is 2 sheets of white card (just over A3 sized). I use one as a "dropsheet" and the other as the "background". Alternatively I pop outside and use nature - the flower photo above even has my garden fencing in the background BUT it doesn't distract from my card as it's a continual pattern.
  3. Edit your photos - Sometimes you will have too much space around your photos. Editing your photo is a great way to remove that. I use a free to download program called Gimp, it's like photoshop but free
  4. I also add a watermark which you can also see in the more recent pics above and the white border around the edge but that's going to be in a tutorial of it's own! 
If you have any questions, please ask! The only silly question is one you haven't asked!

Thanks for looking,


  1. Richelle, more, please! This is such a good idea of yours.

  2. Some great tips there Richelle!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us.


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